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ifeelsodirty ([personal profile] ifeelsodirty) wrote2011-03-21 07:40 pm
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Steampunk GBU

Yes, a bit late I know. But still, going onwards:

  • Warm, tasty dinners
  • Dinner entertainment. Professor Elemental was particularly awesome, even if I did have to look away as he started dancing on the table next to me. Most of the burlesque happened behind my seat, and I wasn't going to strain my neck, so ah well...
  • Getting something to spend most of Saturday roleplaying well - even if it was a nasty disease.
  • Sitting in the infirmary writing in case of death letters in a fevered state.
  • (Mostly)  staying in quarantine - even if it meant missing lunch.
  • Spoonfeeding ~ his dinner - I enjoy it when I get to roleplay Nursey's bedside manner, as other opportunities usually just result in OOC panicking.
  • Still not able to roleplay skills very well.
  • Getting frustrated when GMs say different things.
  • Losing beads from my bead bag held me up, and could have gotten a lot more ugly as other medics were getting hit. It was kinda upsetting.
  • The Major.

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