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My pics this year!

So I'd seen some of my favourite artists doing a summary of their year in 12 pics, but I didn't do many big pics, so I thought I'd grab some things from my sketchbook to show you all.

January and February - I did fuck all.

March - I started practicing - I started with faces...


April - Then I moved onto poses. Lots and lots of poses...

BTW pose generators kinda suck if you’re trying to find anything that isn’t a glamour shot or a ballerina.


May - I actually did stuff and I’m quite proud.


June - More practice


July - Rediscovered my watercolour pencils


Aug - Played with them more


Sept - Was struggling with things to draw so started the random fandom challenge


Oct - Which then turned into inktober. You’ve seen them all already, so I won’t repost.

Nov - NaNoWriMo killed me

Dec - I dug out the tablet and did some stuff on there :)


So in short, I'm pretty happy with how I've come along this year. Here's hoping I can repeat the same in 2017.
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It's awesome to see how you've come along over the year :)