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ifeelsodirty ([personal profile] ifeelsodirty) wrote2017-01-18 11:09 pm

2016 review + 2017 goals

Hey guys, how’s it going?

Thought I’d check in on the life side of things. I am still alive, that’s a good start after 2016, right?

So year in review... I haven’t really done much. I think I must have gotten rid of my last deficiency - Vitamin D, go figure, recluse needs more sunlight, so hopefully I’m up to normal people levels, I think I’m due a blood test soon so fingers crossed.

Pokemon Go’s probably helped me on that one, it’s basically my only reason for leaving the house, but I do and that’s what counts right...

Between that and a calorie counting app I’ve lost 10kg since August, so that’s something too.

I feel a bit self conscious doing it, but it’s not too bad. Still get a lot of random bits of stupid stuff I did (intrusive thoughts? Is that what this is?). Not LARPing means I don’t have fresh stuff to mull over week after week, so we’re going through the back catalogue. On the other hand, this means I don’t talk to anyone other than my brother. Very much swings and roundabouts, wish I could stop stabbing myself with shame every day.

I did NaNoWriMo again, it’s very disjointed and needs a lot of editing, but it’s 50k more words than existed before, so it’s all good.

You’ve seen all of the drawing stuff already.

So moving onto 2017, I’ve given myself the following goals:
  • Draw every day - I’ve managed this so far. I’m doing an expression meme at the moment. If anyone wants to suggest characters/poses/challenges etc, I’m happy to have ideas.
  • Keep walking and food diary - I’d like to lose another 10kg this year, it would take me pretty close to being a healthy weight.
  • Write 100k words - On top of NaNoWriMo, I did write a couple of other fics. I’d like to do more this year and get up to this word count.
  • Go somewhere specifically to do something - I seem to have already done this as Andy and I have booked a short holiday, so there’s that to look forward to.
  • Consider picking another activity to do - I think I mean this sportswise. It’s kinda unlikely and this is more of a bonus round thing than anything else.
  • Try new recipes - I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut. It’ll probably have to wait until next month, but trying something new might be nice, maybe just a meal a week?

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