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Hey everyone, how’s it going?
If you could see me walking in here, I’m pretty sure I’d look a bit sheepish. Ok, probably very sheepish. Not posted since the aborted knee jerk reaction to the 24hr. That’s totally not a thing that happened.

Anyways, not really been up to much – such a surprise I know.

6 months on from moving out, there’s still so much not unpacked or moved from home. The stuff I was happy to give away got dumped at the charity shops in March, it’s just the stuff I’m less sure about or that might actually be worth more than a couple of quid I’m struggling with. Also, effort. I’ve had a box packed up to send off to Dad for a couple of months now. Driving me nuts.
Feeling very rundown at the moment. Been ill the last few weeks – A couple of weeks of stomach pain suspected to be gallstones followed by a bout of what might have been mild food poisoning has not left me a happy chappy. Fingers crossed for the next few weeks.

I need to book a holiday, I still have 24 days left to use. Which wouldn’t be too bad, except our holiday year runs January to January. Also, the Christmas gap has already been booked. I’m thinking of booking the last week on November off, just in case I decide to do NaNoWriMo, but other than that I’m stumped. I should just stay at home, but that feels like a waste, but I'm also not sure if I want to do anything. Especially on my own.
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I spent 44 euros on chocolates and wine. And only the wine was mine (all 9 euros of it).

Combine that with the seven gift bags that I got asked to lug back to the UK in my suitcase and there really was not much space.


Anyways, I am back from Germany, where I did... not very much to be honest. I was too busy trying to meet the NaNoWriMo deadline and I did it! Hooray. But there was a lot of gingerbread and eis and weihnachtsmarkt and ferris wheels. There was definitely too much pickled herring salad (Why is that a thing?). There was also an awesome vietnamese place between Rosa-Luxemborg U station and Alexanderplatz, on a street mostly made up of vietnamese restaurants. So I've had my fried tofu fix and there was free chocolate rice pudding.

I still don't know why it seems there's a noodle bar on every corner in Berlin. Mystery...

Anyways, with NaNoWriMo been and gone, I am at a loss at what to do. I'm thinking of keeping up with a monthly style challenge, like I've done the previous two months. So I think I'll do both, drawing and writing.

This drawing was done on the plane, so is technically yesterday's drawing and I've written about it.

This is logic I'm sticking to :P
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So this is the list from this time last year. Thought I'd give it one last look, might make me feel bad, might make me feel good. Who knows.

Pass Driving Test - Done, we knew that already.

2. Get Car - Again, we knew that one already.

3. Stop lending - Other than the stuff for Ben when he gallivanted off to Australia, that's pretty much been it, so I'm gonna say this one was done.

4. Move out - Nope.

5. Learn German - I got a good streak up until I left my charger at Andy's so couldn't waste my phone battery... I am back on it now. I know a bit more than I did at the start of the year, so I'm going to say that's been done.

6. Go abroad - Nope.

7. Improve a skill (craft) - I've done some more drawing, which has been nice. Still need to do more, but I'm going to say that's sort of done/

8. Find something to replace walking - I have been LARPing more often, and I did do 10 weeks of fencing in the summer, which was great but my self consciousness got in the way towards the end of it. So I did try, but I'm going to need something more that I feel comfortable with and that's the rel problem.

9. Cook more - It's been up and down, but I've made a good effort at it.

So I've tried most things, and only failed outright on 2. Woo. I'll post the new New Year's Resolutions at some points.
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I feel like I'm going through the wringer at the moment, which is stupid because nothing is actually happening to me at the moment.

I'm carrying around a large amount of guilt and regret at the moment, which is really just making everything twice as difficult as it needs to be. I have a hard enough time making decisions as it is, it gets worse when I'm thinking ahead to what I will feel about a decision after, or what other people are going to think.

I definitely regret not going to the 36hr. I was worried that I'd be tired for a week at work preparing for a big audit, then shit happened and I worked through it anyway, so I might as well have gone and enjoyed myself. Ugh.

This is a feeling I get a lot. So when I was faced with a second weekend in a row, already feeling terrible, and Weeza suggested I come stay with her for the weekend, I took it, after twenty minutes of mental "but.. but..." . I now feel guility because that means I didn't say goodbye to my brother before he leaves for uni, and I missed out on drinks with Polly, but I would probably have felt worse if I didn't do this, so I think I'm letting myself go on this one. Hoepfully.

Have made a nest on Weeza's sofa and read books and stuff, so yeah.

Going to LARP tomorrow, not sure if this is a good or bad thing.
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1. Pass Driving Test - Done!

2. Get Car - Double done!

3. Stop lending - Mostly done, but I haven't been paid back that much.

4. Move out -Still hinging on 3. Also I am still very attached to my disposable income and not very confident in whether or not I'll be able to manage.

5. Learn German - Still doing it although I've been a bit lax recently. Need to pull my socks up.

6. Go abroad - Still haven't done this, although it would help if my dad knew what he was doing and whether he had some temporary work. Might try for some time in July or August, because I'll probably be holiday'd out in June.

7. Improve a skill (craft) - Need to draw more, I've not doen it as often as I'd like

8. Find something to replace walking - Well hopefully I'll be LARPing more often and I'm trying to find something else to do as well.

9. Cook more - Need to do more cooking. I did some baking last month which was nice, but I've fallen back on everything recently.


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