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I apologise for the lousy handwriting, spelling mistakes and the wangst. Oh the wangst.
Fairly picture heavy - look out! )
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Y'know I've been wanting to rant and rave and stuff for months now. I still can't seem to bring myself to write anything down.

I wonder if it'll happen before or after I explode.

Please enjoy the half arsed substitute.
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Weeza and I are EPIC HEROES.

That is all.
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So I was asked today, "What are you doing with your last day as a teenager?"

It turns out that I'm cooking tea, while my mum is down the pub, drinking with the money I lent her...


I've totally wasted my teenage years.

Ah well. Apparently all I have to do is reach middle age and then I can act like one again.

(Also, considering the kinds of rants I've been tempted to put on here - even though the only answer is MTFU - I've suprised myself with my restraint)
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Alternatively titled: Time Flies When You're Feeling Comfy


Lilium is grumpy. )


Dec. 4th, 2007 09:17 pm
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Well not really, but  went to my first proper party with DJ and alcohol. Although I had to get someone to buy my drinks. I hate being seventeen.

It is almost the end of term, which means re-sits ahoy! Bugger. I'm actually working hard but I can't help thinking I'm going to fail miserably still. It's getting all of us down, Pooh and Tigger included. Tigger's a big help with the Latin resits.

Pooh's still being annoying.

But oh well. I've got other things to deal with. Like my current addiction to Death Note. I mean, goddammit! I need less fandoms to ollow. My life would be easier. Or at least more focused.
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Taken from a quite funny T Shirt with the XBox Power Switch/ Ring of Light and the Red Lights of Severe Hardware Problems.


I need my XBox fix. *sigh*

Pooh. Now, Eeyore thinks that actually, when he thinks really hard about it, Pooh Bear can be a real dick at times. But then Eeyore realises that it is the Male Species and so he generally is one. Still Eeyore wants to hate Pooh Bear but can't.

 I wish he would just give me something definite.
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Okay, first non- story post on mah journal, oh yeah!

That was stupid.

Holidays are nice, although most of my week off from school has consisted of walking everywhere, shopping, to town and all the way through a couple of fields and back. Uneventful, but not stressy, just some good time off.

And the msn conversations with him are great. I'm glad we're still good friends. I'd call him my best friend. I'd settle for anything really/ I'm just glad that being told that I "like" (I feel like I'm in First year again) him hasn't deterred him. Last time I tell people who I like, I mean geez, at 17 I'd like to think my friends are sensible enough to keep secrets, and not even hint. Oh well.
    Problem with the msn conversations is that they leave me so very confused. I mean he turned me down but there's just that sense of... flirting? Underlying UST? I dunno, something like that.

First time in love was bound to be messy.


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